If/Then: Decoding our Future

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ifthensidebarHow do we shape the future? How will the future shape us? If/Then is a programmatic experiment to encounter ideas, issues, and hypotheses as we do the very work of building our future.

Our collective future is worthy of our most imaginative thought. Among the considerations are provocative discussions about the rise of artificial intelligence, new understandings of the cosmos, and the complexities of managing our planet’s natural resources. In this discourse, we must reconcile doomsday predictions on one hand with the promise of technological breakthroughs on the other. To that end, the pathway into
that greater understanding comes through sustained and nuanced discussion. The challenges we must overcome will certainly require our most sophisticated scientific achievements, but they will simultaneously beg our most nuanced understanding of the ethical, philosophical, and sociological aspects of our humanity.

Dawn or Doom: The new Technology Explosion | 9.18.14

Purdue will host an in-depth, interdisciplinary summit on the manifestations of artificial intelligence and the technology explosion. (Read More)

Brian Greene | 11.6.14
One of the world’s leading theoretical physicists and an entertaining communicator of cutting-edge scientific concepts will speak at Purdue in November. (Read More)

ETHEL’S Documerica | 1.24.15
A multimedia feast of panoramic projections from the 1972 photo project DOCUMERICA—combined with music performed by the innovative and boundary-free string quartet ETHEL. (Read More)